BLACK TAHITI pearl InterChangeable necklace

BLACK TAHITI cultured pearls as InterchanChangeable Necklace.

From 8,9 to 9,4 mm , very round glowing pearls with large array of overtones matched with 11,2 mm regularly ringed pearl-clasp. Clasp and necklace can be worn separatly, see photos.

Every woman should own a Tahiti pearl strand once in a life...

InterChangeable Necklace sold with a clasp in the ringed pearl. WORLDWIDE SHIPMENT.

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1 000,00 € tax incl.


Availability: the exact strand pictured is for sale, only one

TAHITI cultured BLACK pearl strand, only one. 

Center pearl-clasp is nice regular ringed pearl-interchangeable-clasp

42 pearls including a clasp in the center, ringed pearl-clasp.



The exact strand pictured is for sale  :

size of pearls : around 9 mm

shine : high glow,

shade : different overtones on black pearls, all natural, 

surface : growth marks that do not detract from the beauty, see photos,

shape : very round

  • type of setting : gold plated steel
  • necklace sold alone : including a clasp in a 11,2 mm pearl
  • color : large array of overtones on black pearls
  • material : Cultured Pearls from TAHITI, colors are natural, not dyed, not enhanced
  • Special attention: natural growth marks normal for that size
  • diameter around 9 mm, center pearl-clasp 11,2 mm